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Who We Are

The Waxaholics are Houston based vinyl enthusiast that strive to keep the culture of playing records alive. Eight years of an ALL VINYL party, established in 2012 by Dj Big Reeks who had an idea to get away from his laptop and return to playing gigs with vinyl records.

What We Do

Not too long ago, it seemed as though vinyl records were relegated to the past.  Instead, thanks to movements such as the one The Waxaholics have created in Houston, the use of vinyl has skyrocketed in regards to professional deejaying as well as personal enjoyment by music lovers. The Waxaholics are self-proclaimed vinyl enthusiasts who actively keep the culture of playing records alive by opting out of laptops, controllers, and Serato and taking it back a few steps to the origins of deejaying; spinning vinyl. Originally birthed from the idea that there is still a wide interest and love from party goers and deejays for vinyl nights in the Houston area, The Waxaholics have made major moves in the nightlife, radio and overall music scene in the city.

Our Team